Welcome to OTRAH!

A large image takes up the upper part of the page, featuring three glamorously dressed and made up people embracing in front of a trans pride flag. Behind this image is another image, which creates a glittery rainbow border.

What is OTRAH?

OTRAH is a Haitian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which has served the Haitian Transgender population since 2017. It was founded by the Trans People of the KPPDM institution (Kouraj Pou Pwoteje Dwa Moun) better known by the name of KOURAJ.

Otrah lutte contre la transphobie et pour l’inclusion, la promotion et la visibilité des personnes transgenres et transsexuelles.

Meet the Team

Dominique Anne Eunice St Vil
General Coordinator

Morirah Vanessa
Assistant Coordinator

Carla Tracy Christian Thelusma
Responsable  Cellule Culturel/ Logistique Assistant

Guy Luly Guillaume
Responsable Communication / Responsable Formation

Renelus Wislin
Executive Secretary

Who we support

We support transidentitarian people including those who identify as Male, Female, and Non-Binary. Our support extends to young people and adults (ages 10 to 70), of all sexual orientation, educated or not. We support Transidentitary people living in the streets, in prisons, and in homes of any kind. We also support transidentitary people who are part of specific inclusive groups including sex workers / TS and clients of TS, Trans orphans and young Trans children. We support those in this community vulnerable and living with HIV / AIDS (PLWHIV).

OTRAH is working towards national coverage in order to make large-scale references for the care of people in transit. This includes mapping of OTRAH centers and projects.

Our Mission

Promote and visibility the Haitian Transident Community, whether in national territory or international territory, offer comprehensive health services / Family Planning / Mental Health / Post-hormonal and pre hormonal health as well as Prevention & Treatment for Infectious diseases that affect this population, especially STIs / HIV / AIDS. Improve the living conditions of transidentity people through actions focused on themes such as sex education, multi-media awareness raising on transidentity, offered psychosocial and legal supports in case of GBV or disputes directly targeting the integrity of transidentity people .

Our Objectives

OTRAH plans to establish and implement, across Haiti, various centers / projects offering a wide range of interventions and services in the fields of human rights education, SOGIE training, awareness raising about GBV;  and for has many other subjects relating to promoting gender affirming practices and Trans sexuality within the  community of Haiti. These ranges of activities aimed primarily at the Haitian population in General, but more specifically, they seek to emphasize the obvious issues the transgender community is facing, whether in national territory or in foreign territories. OTRAH’s areas of intervention also include advocacy for issues such as Sexual Health and Reproductive Health, which is a big part of services that must be offered to the Trans Haitian population.

By 2030

OTRAH aims to be a Reference for services for the diagnosis and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections, or interventions on the prevention of HIV, and counseling before and after HIV testing. One of the objectives of OTRAH is to promote assistance to people Post HIV test through a specific initiative which aims to offer support services for clubs, follow-up of care and treatment for people infected with HIV and who are part of of the Transidentifier community, or for Transidentirian people who are in difficulty. OTRAH wants to serve the trans population from the youngest to the most mature. This is why in the near future, the objective is to involve the education system.

OTRAH always wants to have the possibility of attaching capital and particular importance to research and studies on various aspects, related to the vulnerability detected within the Transidentitarian population. In this context, for the years to come, OTRAH will participate in the realization of various studies and research which address the multiple determinants and indicators exposing their problems, their challenges and the risks which surround their daily existence. These Indicators will then enable the institution and its other partners and allies to better orient the interventions and programs that can reduce, remove or eradicate these difficulties which constitute their daily life. OTRAH, wants to consider several areas of expertise, for the purposes of developing various intervention models which concern specific areas such as communication, training and multi-media impacts which must be linked to the various intervention programs concerning this particular population. . The support role that its projects must play will guarantee it the opportunity to better address the interventions and programs for the reduction of risks faced by the transit population located in all departments of the country.